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Whether for the gym, work or on the go, SnapBags are your ideal solution for keeping everything you need close at hand.

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More than a bag

SnapBags are not only ideal for athletes, but also a must-have for every lifestyle. They combine versatility with modern design for everyday use.

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How long does delivery take

Shipping takes 2-7 days worldwide

How does the magnetic attachment work?

The SnapBag is achieved through a powerful magnetic back of the bag that easily adheres to magnetized surfaces. This ensures your bag stays in place and your belongings are safe while you focus on your activities.

Will the magnets in the bag damage my phone or credit cards?

We have taken precautionary measures to prevent damage
The magnets on our bag are shielded to protect your items.

Many modern smartphones and payment methods are resistant to magnets.

While older magnetic stripe cards could be affected, most now use chip or tap-to-pay technology that is magnet resistant.

The security of your devices and cards is our priority.

What other functions does the Snapbag offer?

In addition to the magnetic attachment and a cell phone pocket, our bag offers versatile carrying options so you can wear it in different ways to suit your needs.

Are the magnets safe for everyday use?

Yes, the magnets are safe for everyday use. They have been carefully selected and tested to ensure a secure attachment without interfering with electronic devices or credit cards.

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